Jordan Walters

Web Developer and Entrepeneur


I have had several years of experience in developing software, building websites, and working on all sorts of IT related jobs. I graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Computer Science and have been able to utilize this degree in a whole host of ways. I have experience building websites that will be used by hundreds of thousands people, working in environments where there are thousands of computers to manage, and working on small websites for startup projects. Technology is my passion and I am always up for new adventures. I would love for the opportunity to help you solve your problem.


About Me

I grew up in the Metro Detroit area and am married with 2 cats and a dog. I have always had a desire to start a small business and I am looking to help others through succeeded in a passion I have had since I was in high school. While I am not coding I love to spend time with my wife and family, woodwork, and rock climb. 



You Can't Succeed Without Those Around You

Hilary Walters

She is not only my wife, but she is also my biggest helper. She has been gifted with the ability of art and design. I rely most on her for many areas of professional development from communication to design to colors and beyond. She spends most of her time as a nurse in the Metro Detroit area but always is open for different art projects that people need. Please check out her out at Hamarillary !

Nate Gangwer

Nate Gangwer runs a small non-profit carpentry shop out of Detroit. He successfully turns what many would consider garbage into beautiful works of art. Thankfully for us, he is also a graphic designer. Bit Solutions will be working with Detroit ReMade to bring you some amazing logo's. Find out more about Detroit ReMade!

Paul Walters

Paul Walters is an artist working in the field of education in the city of Detroit. He teaches art club and is working on a bachelor's degree for Visual Arts Education. Paul has helped Bit Solutions to make its logo and will be working with us for graphics and design. To see some more of his work, check out