Grow Your Faith Today

We have some exciting news! Bit Solutions has released a website to a new customer of ours, the Alethia Group. The Alethia Group and Bit Solutions will be partnering up to bring a series of websites online to help support various non-profits and organizations through Amazon Associates. This is an exciting partnership and one that will help bring many organizations some much needed cash flow.

The website that we just released is Grow Your Faith Today (GYFT) and it is an avenue for Pastor Jerome Farris to bring different devotionals to a wide reaching audience. This site needed several different things that we at Bit Solutions had to accomplish.

Amazon Associates

The Amazon Associates program is a great way for any company to earn a little revenue. It is essentially advertising through Amazon and the proceeds go to the person who owns the website through which that buyer bought a product. This gives both Amazon and its Associates reason to use this program. GYFT's website needed these links to be subtly, but easily found, throughout the website. This way, people would not be discouraged if they did try to faithfully enter in through Amazon through the website consistently, and also so new guests would not think that the website was about Amazon and not about the devotionals. It was a tricky line to walk but I think we were able to find a good place to stand.

Audio Player

Audio players are widely available but finding one to do exactly what you want it to do, can be tricky. Bit Solutions had to create its own audio player on the home page. This audio player will grab the most recent uploaded devotional and queue it up when the user clicks on the button. This allowed for the newest devotional to be front and centered.

Mailing and Texting

GYFT also needs to send out regular communication to its subscribers. Mail Chimp was the obvious choice to use for email. Mail Chimp is user friendly, easy, and free. Another obstacle to overcome was text messaging. GYFT sends regular text messages to its followers and needed a solution. Thankfully, Mail Chimp has a couple partners in that field that will provide us with a great solution.


Hilary was able to put together a great looking logo for the website. The website needed to have the imagery of growth associated to it. We also needed to have the logo change on the mobile view. Check it out, if you look at it on your desktop or iPad it looks different than on your phone! Innovative solutions!


Alethia Group had already purchased some hosting before Bit Solutions arrived but this was not a problem. We were able to use WordPress for this and I have to say that it was a little easier than expected. Bit Solutions strives to be flexible with everything, as technology is flexible and diverse, and we were able to help them out with something they had already invested into.