Welcome to Bit Solutions

Hello and welcome to Bit Solutions. Thank you for taking the time to check out our page. Here at Bit Solutions, we want to give all of our visitors a chance to know a little more about us. I hope you take a few minutes and enjoy getting to know us better and where Bit Solutions came from.

The Beginning
Bit Solutions was started by Jordan Walters of Southeast Michigan. Since a young boy, Jordan dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur, particularly in the area of IT. Utilizing software, hardware, and hard work, Bit Solutions was made to become a service for the customers that had unmatched customer support and more importantly, respect.

Bit Solutions was made to be one-stop shop for individuals, small businesses, and medium sized businesses. We want to find and help the small fish in the pond. As a small business ourselves, we understand that it is difficult to find the right company to help you and even more difficult to find a well-priced service. We aim to fill in that void on both fronts and provide exceptional quality to our customers at an affordable rate.

What's With the Name
At its most foundational level, all computers talk and understand it bytes or bits. The name seeks to bring this idea to the front of all of our product offerings. We want to be a solution for all of our clients at every possible level of technology. Bit Solutions, Technology at Every Level seems like a fitting name and slogan to us.

What Bit Solutions' Does
Bit Solutions offers a wide range of product offerings from computer repair, consultation, website design and software creation. This wide array of product offering not only reflects all of the areas that Jordan has worked in, but also the ever expanding need for IT professionals in an increasing digital age.

Bit Solutions brings to the table the many areas of IT that is very much needed for individuals and small and medium sized businesses. As a business professional it can be very difficult to know who to trust and also who to go to. Bit Solutions aims to fill in this gap by providing confidence to our customers and also helping them find someone who may be able to help in ways that we can't. Your success is our success and we will try and do everything we can to accomplish your goals.

Another very important area that we offer has nothing to do with our skills or even our prices, but it has to do with us as a company. Our promise is to communicate and to communicate often. How many IT horror stories have you heard from friends or family where their IT guy and the IT guy at the company was horrible at communication and you never knew what was going on? This is a very sad reality in today's market. IT is challenging and it is difficult so many people do not communicate it well. We will strive to do everything we can to make this stereotype a thing of the past here at Bit Solutions.

Thank You
Thank you for taking the time to read this and getting to know us better. We know that your day is important and that you have many other tasks to accomplish. Please take a moment and contact us (link) so we can assist you further. We look forward to it!