Why Bit Solutions?

Bit Solutions is a company that is designed to focus on IT Solutions. Many of the services provided revolve around software and websites but it does not have to stop there. One of the coolest concepts in all of technology is how the computer actually understands what we want it to do. In its most simplest format, the computer simply reads a series 1's and 0's that we refer to as bits or bytes. This is why Bit Solutions aims to help you with all IT issues, they all are just a series of bits.

If you need a website, Bit Solutions will guarantee that your website is mobile ready, your brand looks great, and that you will have a visible presence on the web. Here at Bit Solutions, we prefer to utilize the full power and security of Microsoft's .NET platform by using Umbraco. Umbraco is safe, secure, scalable, and can be used to create a small blog or a large multi-tiered corporate website. However, we also have experience using several other CMS systems such as WordPress and SquareSpace. We are flexible and will use the technology that makes the most sense to you and your needs.

Succeeding Technology


Bit Solutions specializes in website design. Today, the website is what drives commerce and information. We will make your website look great, we will make it mobile device friendly, and we will make it show up on search engines using our SEO practices. With Bit Solutions, you will have a great website.


Bit Solutions offers a wide range of software services. We understand that great software can help to make a business thrive and be more efficient. If you have any ideas on something that could help you succeed in your office, we would be excited to see if we can help.

Logo and Branding

Do you need a new look or are you trying to find a way to advertise your business? Talk to us, we will be happy to work with you to make a brand that works for your business to attract customers.


Technology can be confusing, so why not use us as a sounding board to an idea or a problem that you may have? We will do all we can to try and help you reach a solution or have a clear path forward. If we can't help, then there will never be any charge. We strive for clear communication that helps our customers and does not make them more frustrated or confused.